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IRG Working Set 2021v6.0

Source: Toshiya SUZUKI
Date: Generated on 2024-04-22

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SnImage/SourceComment TypeDescription
犬 94.11.1
TS 15 · IDS
《説文解字繫傳》祁寯藻本 looks like this.
《説文解字五音韻譜》明・陳大科本 looks like this.

《説文解字五音韻譜》明・白口本 (the ancestor of 汲古閣本) looks like this.

《説文解字五音韻譜》明・天啓年間本 looks like this.
《説文解字》南宋刊元修 海源閣舊藏本 is hard to identify.
Considering that "㺉" is one of the heading characters in 説文解字 but the glyph GKJ-00628 is not, dealing GKJ-00628 as malformed character (and unify it with the correctly shaped character) and unify with the correctly shaped glyph would be reasonable attitude for the users of 大徐本説文解字.
But even if the character was really mistakenly generated, if it has been separately used for a long time, the separate encoding might be a considerable option.
Tao Yang, please could you supply more detailed bibliographic information of the evidence 1? Is it taken from 《通雅》? 《漢書補注》? I don't have nice text database to spot where the part was taken from.