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IRG Working Set 2021v4.0

Source: WANG Yifan
Date: Generated on 2023-02-06

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鳥 196.9.5
TS 20 · IDS
We checked books by 桑原隲藏 dated before the publishing of 桑原隲蔵全集 (1968) in the University of Tokyo library. As far as we have found, his personal preference is apparently 隲, as well as the most of its typed representation. In the scope of his Japanese works, 𨽥 appears in limited instances as calligraphic stylized title on the cover or the title page, but we are unable to find it in the text body.

Among those books, 支那の孝道 and 東西交通史論叢 contain photocopy of his manuscript, clearly showing the 隲 variant in his handwriting.

On the contrary, Chinese translations appears to more eagerly employ 𨽥.

《張騫西征考》 consistently uses it:

and 《唐宋貿易港研究》 uses it partially in the colophon and a couple of chapter headings, while 隲 in elsewhere:

Aside from that, the government gazette records his name around 30 times, but except for his obituary, which also uses variant of 桑, no evidence that other variants than 隲 were used during his lifetime.

We did not find any evidence 桑原隲藏 has been written with the 鳥 component.
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